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FAIRSKY - Fake email / Banking information.
Dear Customer
I hope you are well.
It has come to our attention that another fake company has been sending out emails and pretending to be Fairsky and providing false information on faked letterhead documents.
These documents look official but information inside may not be correct. They may ask our customers to arrange balance payment to another company bank account and can provide false information over several emails/ documents pretending to be members of the Fairsky Team. We do not have any offshore/ overseas Accounts or Bank accounts in China.

This fake company is/ was using a “ @fairsky-com-hk.co ”, rolex swiss replica “ @fairsky-hk.com “ or “ @farsky.com.hk ” email which is similar to our email. Please do not reply to them if the email address does not seem correct, but do contact us directly e.g. fax or telephone for confirmation. If they try to ask for any sensitive information or if they ask you to make any payments please do not provide to them. This is online identity fraud / scam, so please be wary.

Please continue to reply only to our official emails : ( @fairsky.com.hk) and please be vigilant of anything unusual. Please continue to use our normal bank accounts that you have used in the past as we will not change banks accounts once a bank is in use. You can check with us by fax or telephone if you have any issues and in future we will use dedicated email address for payment notifications : accounts@fairsky.com.hk

We have reported this to the Hong Kong Police / Cyber Crime unit and they are continuing investigations.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us in our office directly by telephone , fax or email.
Thank you and best regards,
Fairsky Toys & Gifts Co., Ltd.
ROOM 1803, 18TH FLOOR,
N.T., H.K
Tel. ( 852) 2368 8757
(852) 2668 8525
Fax. (852) 2367 8300
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